Day 3 – Roma

After our late arrival to the meeting, we headed to see the Colosseum and the Forum. img_0295img_0297We stumbled across Gustando Roma, and I had some spaghetti. I felt like a kid eating noodles and sauce. I need to research what makes their simple noodles taste not so simple! I also ordered a lemonade. It was obviously fresh-squeezed, but when I got the bill it was 10 euros! It was as much as my spaghetti!!! People are crazy.


IMG_0323.jpgWe met outside of the Wedding Cake and did a guided walking tour of the Forum. The Forum was originally built by Julius Caesar to address overcrowding in older public spaces, and was “discovered” during Mussolini’s reign when he ordered the construction of the Via dei Fori Imperiali, which would connect the Colosseum to the Piazza Venezia. img_0362



img_0482img_0488img_0494img_0496img_0499img_0497Then we headed to the Colosseum. I was just amazed at how it has been standing since 72 A.D. Marble is strong. I learned (1) there is an aqueduct below and they did naval battles there, (2) 1 million people lived in Rome at this time, (3) it was built by 10,000 slaves, and (4) the ground was made of sand to soak up the blood (ewwwww…)




Former bleachers where people sat




img_0278img_0285After our tour, we had free time, so we headed to the Ancient Theatre, and the Jewish District. img_0565img_0563img_0574img_0579



I was a little hungry (go figure), so we tried Sheva, a little restaurant that offered a wine tasting that came with a meat and cheese plate for 10 euros; they were kind enough to make me a salad instead. I was a little hidden gem! Then, everyone enjoyed a delicious tiramisu, and again – I didn’t have any. Boo.img_0599IMG_0594.jpgIMG_0597.jpg


Since I was deprived of tiramisu, I was determined to find more gelato. This place declared theirs to be homemade, and it certainly tasted like it! I had the strawberry and dark chocolate orange. I wished I would have had just two scoops of the dark chocolate instead. It was delicious.img_0607

We headed back to the Piazza Popolo and shopped along the way. I bought souvenirs for Weston (he’s been loving his race-track lately so I got him a Ferrari hot wheels), and a little bracelet for Eiley. I couldn’t help it. I missed them!!!

From there we went to a group dinner at Trattoria. IMG_0628.jpg

Here is where I made a mistake – yet again. I need to stop trying to offend people, and just say what I want. My friends are probably shocked that I have the ability to actually keep my mouth shut! The dinner was included for everyone with the tour, but they had different dishes planned for me. It started off well with this zucchini and eggplant appetizer.IMG_0635.jpg

Next, they served me a smoked salmon; it was cold. I just couldn’t. Carmen and another friend said how great it was. Maybe it’s a texture or fish taste…regardless, after my fiasco with cold seafood salad yesterday – no gracias! I didn’t want to be offensive, but I was starving. Instead, they gave me a salad with an apple for dessert.

I came back to the hotel at 10:30 pm to eat another pasta dish with tomatoes. They even had gluten, dairy and egg free bread. Amazing!IMG_0650.jpg


My lesson for Spain when I go in June is: (1) I need to say no when I really cannot eat something. I know it’s hard serving me at a restaurant. It makes me feel like a pain, and although I try to eat whatever they say is safe (for my stomach’s sake) – I have to draw the line and stop worrying about offending people. (2) Keep nut and protein bars in my purse at all times!

In the end, Rome was beautiful! I will definitely come back one day.


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