Prepare Your Skin for Spring in Time

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Cold wind, snow, and brisk weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Even with all the hydration, care, and nourishment, winter is still the season that harms skin the most. Therefore, you should try your best to help it recover and make it glowing and plump for the blooming spring. With a full spectrum of treatments, masks, serums and skin care products, your skin will be ready to shine during springtime.



Removing the dead skin cells is essential for good skin care. Only after you’ve exfoliated your skin thoroughly will your moisturizers be able to penetrate deeply into your skin and hydrate it properly. Make sure you don’t use too invasive a scrub if you have sensitive skin prone to irritation. If you wear makeup for a long period of time, try your best to exfoliate your face at least twice a week.


lemon water.jpgHydration is an essential part of a skincare regimen, so make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your skin plump and healthy. Considering that water makes up the most of your body, it needs to be constantly infused in order to prevent toxins from building up. This will in return keep the skin elastic and blemish free. What’s more, after you’ve gotten rid of the dead skin cells, make sure you apply a moisturizing lotion or body butter, and let the skin soak it in well. This will improve your skin’s elasticity, making it smooth and soft. It would be best if you threw on a layer of lotion right after you’ve stepped out of the bathtub, allowing the moisturizer to penetrate deeply into your skin through open pores.

Switch to lightweight makeup

makeup pic.jpgHeavy makeup is a great choice for the wintertime, because it protects the skin from the harmful effects of the cold weather. However, once the temperature is higher, the skin will start to sweat more, making your full coverage foundation feel too heavy. Not only will the heavy foundation mixed with sweat be a bad choice for your complexion, but it’ll also wreak havoc on your skin, by blocking your pores. Vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics is gaining in popularity each day, since it offers equally amazing results as any other makeup, while it protects and nourishes the skin as well. Therefore, think about switching to a lightweight maquillage and try Inika organic mineral makeup as soon as possible. Organic makeup is the perfect choice for every skin type, because it causes no irritation and keeps your skin flawless.

Replace creams with serums

serums.jpgCold winter months call for deeply moisturizing face oils to protect the skin from harsh weather, but once spring comes, your skin will need something lighter. To avoid breakouts that may appear due to heavy moisturizers that can clog your pores, start using water-based serums with vitamin E and retinol. Furthermore, light lotions or gels are the perfect alternative to heavy face creams, and they will offer your skin an equal amount of vitamin C, glycolic acid, and hyaluronic acid. Thanks to its lightweight formula, the skin will absorb a gel quickly without leaving any film on the surface.

Slather on SPF

spf.jpgWhile winter is the best time for repairing your skin, spring is certainly great for prevention. This means you should be proactive with protecting your skin from the damaging UV rays and start slathering on the creams and lotions with SPF, alongside the hydrating serum. So, forget all about sticky creams infused with natural oils, and go for lighter moisturizers that will offer rich hydration and the ultimate protection.

Taking good care of your skin should be your priority all year long. However, you need to remember that, just as you change the type of wardrobe you wear each season, you should switch up skin care regimens according to the weather. Therefore, forget all about the heavy-duty makeup and oil infused moisturizers and switch to organic and lightweight formulas. Remember to exfoliate the dead skin cells regularly, drink plenty of water and protect the skin with lotions with SPF.



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  1. May says:

    Great tips thanks.. I must add that as we get older exfoliants/ scrubs aren’t good. The skin is more sensitive and prone to tears from the scrubs. Instead AHA’s should be used. 🙂

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