Incredible Ways Going Vegan Will Change Your Health

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You might be right on the cusp of going vegan, or just trying to eat more healthily, and now you just need something to push you over the edge. You would be amazed and astounded at what incorporating a greater variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet can do for your body. Various research reports have highlighted the numerous advantages the plant-based lifestyle will bring. Here are some of the health benefits of eating more plants.

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Drop Those Pounds

It’s true to say that one of the main reasons many people find themselves turning towards the vegan lifestyle is to lose weight. That’s understandable because meat and dairy often means fat. So, it’s no surprise then that when you go vegan, you’re more likely to shed that excess weight. Observational studies show that vegetarians and vegans tend to be slimmer and have lower body mass indexes compared to other individuals.

If you want more evidence of this, just look at the research studies that compare those on a vegan diet to those on a calorie-reduced diet. The vegans in these studies were able to eat until they felt full and still lost more than those on the calorie reduced diet plans!


If you have had issues with your eyesight such as an astigmatism you may have needed to see an ophthalmologist. These individuals can help and will work to provide the best possible treatment which will usually involve glasses or surgery. However, if you improve your diet by getting more vitamins and minerals from a variety of different fruits and vegetables, you might find this change is enough to fix the issue. There are reports of people who have issues with their eyes which have disappeared after going vegan. So, if you hate your glasses and can’t stand contacts, it might be time to think about putting some more fruits and veggies on your plate!

Reducing Risks of Cancer

Did you know that eating seven portions of fresh fruit and vegetables per day will lower your chances of developing some types of cancers by nearly fifteen percent? According to research, people that follow a plant-based diet are more likely to match this requirement compared to others who fill their diet with junk food, meat, and dairy. All of which, coincidentally,  if consumed in high quantities, have been linked to cancer.

Reduced Pain

When people talk about following a plant-based diet, they often link it to the young generation trying this crazy diet fad. However, elderly individuals can experience the results of the vegan lifestyle as well. Arthritis is a condition that tends to develop as you age and can lead to immense levels of pain. Research studies have been looking at ways to reduce the pain experienced by individuals suffering from this condition. The study showed patients on the vegan diet experienced less pain and had more energy compared to the placebo group.

Regardless, following a plant-based diet or even just increasing the number of fruits and veggies you eat every day, does bring some fantastic health benefits for your body. If you have changed your eating habits to eat more healthy foods, what benefits have you seen?IMG_5329.JPG



  1. WallyJay says:

    don’t forget you only shed the weight as long as you avoid being the junk food vegan. A lot of people make that mistake, I was one of them. Assuming it’s healthy because it’s Vegan. Your food looks fab though and very healthy!

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