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500 Followers Celebration Giveaways

The other day I looked and realized that I had 500 followers on Instagram. It made me want to celebrate, so I thought I’d do something fun for my readers and followers. So I’m going to do two giveaways.

Konfetti Hintergrund

My first promotion goes along with my goal to give every Mom the opportunity to reach for a chemical-free product first for their family. From now until October 2, 2017, I’m offering $20 cash-back off of the Young Living Starter Kit. This is the best way to start using essential oils! It comes with 11 oils and a diffuser.

With this kit purchase, you also get my help in learning how to use essential oils, a download with the uses for oils and how to incorporate them into your daily lifestyle, and access to my private Facebook oil support group, Drop Culture. The group is loaded with information and gives you an opportunity to ask questions whenever you need to know something! It’s a great educational community! I won’t leave you with a kit not knowing what to do with it. Education is key! Please email me with questions at myrealdish@gmail.com about how to purchase this kit and get started!


You can read about the kit and how to purchase it in the USA here. However, this promotion is not limited only to those living in the USA. If you live outside of the USA, just go to the home page of Young Living, select your country, click on become a member, and type in my member number into the sponsor and enroller fields: 1626976. You can still check out my USA instructions for tips selecting the diffuser, etc, and feel free to email me any questions: myrealdish@gmail.com.

This is open to anyone in the following countries:

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 11.17.25 PM.png

The second giveaway is two vitality essential oils, meaning that you can cook with these essential oils! I love using them in veggies, soups, and smoothies. In order to qualify for the vitality oil giveaway, you must (1) sign up for my email list and (2) live in the USA. Easy!

Thanks for reading and I appreciate you all! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for gluten-free vegan food recipes and fun tips with essential oils.



P.S. The kit with ROCK your world. If you currently have a kit, what is your favorite oil to use? If you don’t have a kit, why would you be interested in trying essential oils?





Giveaway Alert!

Guess what?! I won a trip to NYC on the radio!! Free flights, hotel, $300, and tickets to a weekend long music and arts festival! My husband and I are going to have a weekend alone!!! I couldn’t believe that I won!!  It made me so happy that I’ve decided to give back. Surprised young sexy woman  in glasses  shouting or yelling. Adv

If you buy a Young Living Premium Starter Essential Oil Kit that comes with 11 oils and a medicinal grade diffuser from me by the end of this month (today or tomorrow) – I’ll hook you up with the normal goodies that I send (a carrier bottle, roll on, book, etc), and also a FREE bottle of oil. You also gain access to a support group on Facebook loaded with recipes, resources and files, and my personal help to actually learn how to use oils safely and successfully. Fall is the perfect time to get your oils! Email me for more information, or click on the link below to purchase!  Here’s the link to purchase:

https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/new-start isoCountryCode=US&sponsorid=1626976&enrollerid=1626976

You can find more information about the Premium Start Kit and how to purchase here.

Tell someone that would be interested or share my post on social media! If you refer someone to me that gets a kit – I’ll give you a free bottle too! Follow me on Instagram @myrealdish or twitter @myrealdish or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myrealdish/

Have you ever won something before? What was it?





DIY Spa and Beauty Recipes

After walking 10 miles a day in Spain this summer, I realized that my skin needed a little TLC. I love making my own beauty products with essential oils because  (1) it saves money, (2) they are chemical-free, and (3) they smell great! I always seem to make a Lemon Body Scrub or a Coconut Lime Scrub, but I wanted to switch it up a bit. These DIY spa and skin care recipes are perfect for your summer beauty regime!


Towel and beach slippers on wood..

  1. Summer dries out my lips! Citizens of Beauty created this DIY Lemon Drop Lip Scrub that is sure to keep your lips moisturized, soft, and smooth for summer. DIY-lemon-drop-lip-scrub.jpg
  2. Cambria Estate Vineyard & Winery posted this thick luscious Homemade Lavender Whipped Body Butter recipe. Why not have a glass of their wine and relax with a little Young Living Lavender on a nice summer night?! Homemade-Lavender-Whipped-Body-Butter_Hero
  3. Mom Foodie makes these fancy Big Orange Crush Bath Bombs. They are a perfect way to relax in the tub with orange essential oil at night after a long day!Orange-Crush-Bath-Bombs.jpg
  4. Feel like you are constantly slathering sunscreen on your face all summer and clogging your pores? The Frugal Farm Wife created a Baking Soda Face Wash recipe that features Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil; this wash is a gentle way to exfoliate your face. IMG_4340-700x467
  5. Does your skin need an invigorating boost? Check out this gorgeous Whipped Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub by The Kitchen McCabe. Not only does it smell fresh, but also makes your skin feel renewed and refreshed!whipped-Grapefruit-Peppermint-Body-Scrub-2-602x894.jpg


  1. Read Young Living’s Seed To Seal
  2. Join Young Living as a Customer or Distributor
  3. Email me any questions you may have.
  4. Join my private FaceBook Support Group (customers only).

P.S. You can really email me, and I will respond 🙂






Spring Break

I was so happy to be at home with my kids for spring break. I even kept my son home from preschool all week. However, today – was my last day of break. I go back tomorrow. Woo hoo!

Too many tears, fighting, and ungratefulness going on here in this house with these two children of mine. Friday I kept my daughter and her two friends all day. We went to Beauty and the Beast and to play in the park after. Then my daughter cried after her 8 hour playdate was over. REALLY?!   Saturday, we bought her a new scooter with light up wheels. She cried when we went to the park with it. REALLY?! This morning I woke up early, and she and I made homemade vegan paleo donuts (I’ll post the recipe soon). Well, it turns out she didn’t want vanilla icing – she wanted vanilla donuts. My son didn’t want long john’s – he wanted donuts with holes. Tears. Really?! After they ate them, they said they were the best donuts ever! #crazychildren.

I couldn’t hang in there any longer today. My 4 year-old son (who is normally a sweet boy) told me that I was the worst mom ever and he hated me because I turned off the Wii. MOM IS DONE.

I applied some joy and gratitude and made it until bedtime. Thank goodness for oils and a sweet friend who came over and brought some wine. It’s a good reminder of whyI work outside of the home. My hat is off to stay-at-home-parents. Tomorrow I will be grateful for my job.